Wednesday, May 17, 2017


        Sometimes music is the only medicine the heart and soul need.


M- it Modify your talent

U- it unite your heart,soul and spirit

S- it separate you from negative people and negative thought

I- it inspired you spiritually

c- complete victory over the enemy



 To become a great vocalist you must be a professional backup
in singing ministry

In singing ministry be humble and never think you are better than any one else
remember for dust you are:and unto dust you shall return, And i discovered in a month
ago that the less you respond to negative people the more peaceful your life will become.



Something happen in a month a go in my church that i was criticize by a minister Negatively
instantly i felt as if my music life is over due to i respond to negative people in a place i should be calm,
 I struggle for 2 weeks before i get my self back to the presence of God, Try all what it takes not respond
to Negative people because devil can use anybody to get to you and destroy your music ministry.. remember
is not every question deserve an answer.
 Dont trust anybody with your music career except your Pastor and your music H.O.D, One of my young brother
that is now my pastor use to says(BRO ISREAL) "Bro Rotimi Dont trust anybody with your music life",  I Used to ignore those
words, but now i understand the meaning of those words.Remember there is nothing in this world that can trouble you
as much as your thought.i used to tell dearest that the only way for the devil to get to you is through your thought and
the tool that the devil will use is people.
      your aim to enjoy music life in not to respond to the negative people. always worship God And believe that
He has it all under control.
look for mentor in your music department chose a mentor who is good for you who's going to make your life emotionally
fulfilling,no matter who tries to teach you lesson about life, you wont understand it un-till you go through it on your
own, let Holy spirit become your partner. above all get a good phone to record your compose song and listen to music.
When you get yourself busy doing this stuff you wont have time to listen to what devil is trying to say, and with that you
will experience long life and prosperity.My name is Rotimi,Jesus has used gospel music to sustain my life till now.


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