Thursday, January 5, 2017

Age Gracefully Without The Fountain Of Youth

The search for the fountain of youth has been a quest for many years. Consumers pay
 millions of dollars every year in hopes of finding the magic solution or remedy to
aging. Some people resort to surgery to remain having a youthful appearance. Instead
spending money on the painful and expensive surgery, you can age gracefully with some
 attention to the needs of your body so you can age naturally and beautifully.Trust me this will work because have seen it working in my wife and some people too.


Start using sunblock with SPF everyday to prevent sun damage and skin peeling.  Use
 formulated sunblock for your face that allows you to apply makeup over the lotion. 

Moisturize your skin on daily. The benefits of moisturizers help
 to hydrate the skin, replenish the skin cells, reduce wrinkles, and create
 softer skin.I have been using moisturizing cream, There are quality moisturizers on the market that work effectively
 without the high price associated with many moisturizers.

Exercise regularly to improve your health. Base your exercise regimen on your health
conditions as you may have limitations. Use stretching exercises if you have
difficulties with other forms of exercise. Use yoga and Pilates to increase your joint pliability. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Add meditation, yoga, or another stress relieving exercise to your life. When you learn
 to relax and reduce the stress in your life, you remove the risks of heart
 disease and stroke. This increases your chances of living longer.

Add walking to your exercise program. Walk for thirty minutes four times a week. Buy walking
 shoes for proper support of your feet and back to lessen the risks of damages and possible injuries. 

Eat a balance low fat low calorie diet filled with nutrients and antioxidants to help
your body keep the youthful skin and buoyancy. Eat foods that contain acai and dark green
 leafy vegetables that aid the body?s natural ability to age gracefully while they help
to build your immunity.


Limit your intake of fats and sugars with your foods and beverages. Drink water to keep
 your body hydrated. Eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day is the medical recommendation
for optimal water intake. Reduce your consumption of coffee with added
creams and sugar, sodas, teas with the sugars, and other drinks high in sugar contents.


Add a multi-vitamin and supplement to your daily regimen. As you age, your
 body needs different levels of essential vitamins and minerals. The
 age appropriate vitamins and supplements will help you have the right
amounts daily so you can age gracefully with your healthy body and immune system.

Visit your physician for a regular checkup. Have your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugars
 checked. You doctor will have blood work done to monitor the level of your health and to help prevent
 any possible medical conditions. Discuss with your doctor any health issues you may be experiencing so they can be treated.

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